IM Ratkovic

Location Serbia
Languages English
Fide Rating 2437
Fide ID 914525




I graduated Law at University in Belgrade

I have been teaching chess for the last 5 years

My coaching approach is based upon the following steps:

1. Assessing your skill

2. Finding areas to improve

3. Answer any questions that you may have

4. Creating a tailored coaching plan according to your needs

During the lessons, we will be doing many different things, it will mostly depend on your level. We will try to figure out what is lacking and improve on it accordingly.

We will definitely do some of these things:

• Creating Flexible Opening Repertoire

• Learning important opening principles

• How to Master Tactics and Strategies

• How to Imagine/Visualize positions and Calculate without looking at the Board

• Analyzing the most important grandmaster games

• How to Find Best Moves and Plans

• Working on the Middlegame Technique

• Analyzing your Games

• Learning Basic Endgames

• Working on the Endgame Technique

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