IM Milenkovic

Location Serbia
Languages English
Fide Trainer
Fide Arbiter
Fide Rating 2341
Fide ID 913375

Hourly 15 - 30€




Born: 23.01.1973. in Paracin .

Married to Marta Milenkovic since 1997. Father of two children Monika Milenkovic (born 1998) and Matija Milenkovic (born 1999). 

Chess Scout

Playing experience

Playing experience

He learned chess from his father Ljubisa in Year 7. In the pioneer and youth competition, multiple regional champion in 1993-Champion of Serbia for young. He won many youth and rapid tournaments in individual competition. In team competition he won the first 3. places in all leagues he played : Serbia (many times), Slovenia1. place 2019 (chess club Domzale 1st member league), Germany (chess club Lingen 2017 year 4th league 1st place, 2018 year 3rd league 1st place), France (4th league Angouleme 2018 2nd place).

Teaching experience

He has been practicing coaching more seriously for the last 15 years. He has kept many chess schools at primary schools and clubs in the country and abroad. More current chess mentors coached personally and in groups. A lot of students up to 20 years personally trained via skype technology. In business and friendly relationships with many coaching names in Serbia, Europe and the World. With ex champion of the world Mr. Anatoli Karpov2016 in friendly relations since playing simultaneous with his students. He played many simultaneous in his career at home and abroad.

Chess titles


1995 won the FM (fide master) title in Yugoslavia of that time
2010 won the title IM (International Master) 


2013 National Arbiter
2015 Fide Arbiter


2015 Fide Instructor (FI)
2016 Fide Trainer (FT

Other experiences

Since 2017 he has been delegated and elected to the coaches committee in Serbia.
From 2018 he is a coach-selector for the youth of Serbia.
He led the Serbian National Team in 2018. at the World Championships (14,16,18) in Porto Karas (Greece), one of the greatest historical successes of Serbian young chess players:
Teodora Injac (Z18 3rd place), Jovana Srdanovic (4th place Z16), Mihajlo Radovanovic (11th place M18).
European Championships (8,10,12,14,16) in Riga (Latvia) 2018 (solid placement of the National team )
World Cup (8.10.12) in Weifang (China) 2019. (solid placement of the National Team)
2019 organizer of the 1st International Chess Camp in Serbia spa Zdrelo.

Life motto:
1. Good do good hope
2. Life is chess

Dipl ecc, IM, FT, FA
Milenkovic Mladen

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