GM Nestorovic

Location Serbia
Languages English
Fide Trainer
Fide Rating 2467
Fide ID 934526




My name is Nikola Nestorović. I am 29 years old chess grandmaster from Belgrade - Fide Trainer and graduated teacher. I graduated at the University of Belgrade (Teacher Education) Faculty. I can say that teaching is my hobby and my profession!

Best ELO so far: 2517

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My father Dejan and mother Irena are true chess sweethearts. Chess brought them together, they instantly fell in love, married and are now living happily ever after. Dejan is an International master and successful Fide trainer and Irena is women Fide master. Besides me, they brought to the world two of my favorite people. My younger brother Lazar is also an International master and my big rival. The youngest member of our family and the greatest treasure that Nestorović family possess is my younger sister Katarina who is also a women fide master. Without chess our family wouldn’t have existed so now you can fully understand our love for this game. Nestorović family has been the best chess school in Serbia with a lot of very successful students!


As I was growing up I realized that I really enjoy teaching so I decided that I am going to pursue that kind of a profession. Whether at school or at home I was always in the mood for teaching others and that feeling was very important in my chess coaching career. The connection between teacher and student need to be professional but friendly because only with this trust student can improve in a special way. So first, I want to make a special connection with my student - and then, chess will be very easy to learn! For years I worked on my special chess materials, so I can adjust my lessons to any type of player! And one very important thing - your age is not important, you can ALWAYS improve your chess play! So, If you love chess and you want to learn and improve in this beautiful game - I am sure that together - we can achieve your (our) goals!

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