FM Djokic

Location Serbia
Languages English (US), Српски језик, bosanski
Fide rating 2213
Fide ID 976440

Hourly 25$




Hi, my name is Mihailo Djokic from Serbia, 19 years old. Im playing chess since my 4, more serious till 12. I can help you to improve with my experience, message me if you are interested. I had played vs many grandmasters, 2600 + many of them. Peak elo 2319.

Chess Scout

I will show you the way you need to choose to improve!

Playing experience

I started playing chess when I was 4 years old, however, I seriosly started playing chess with 12 years. I played a lot of tournaments, not just standard, also rapid, biggest one was Serbian champions league where I played vs 10 grandmasters!! I scored just 2 points but it was big experience and I achieve a win vs Grandmaster Atalik Suat from Turkey who was European champion!

Teaching experience

1,5 year.

Other experiences

I played football for 6 years but then I had to chose between chess and football, I select my passion, chess :)

Best skills

I have good knowledge for all phases in the game, specially opening, but I prefer teaching more middlegame and strategy! I think that matters mostly because many players doesn't understand it as well as they should! Tactics also comes with it, and with combination of that 3 skills success is guaranteed!

Teaching methodology

1. Every student is unique. In that view, its not same program with everybody. In first lesson, I am playing game with student or analyzing 3-5 his games to identify his weaknesses, thats necessary in order to see where he struggles and where we need to improve his chess knowledge. Improvement in chess is not easy, it takes time and patient. Because of that, I prefer working with students at least 6-12 months so after that time, you can expect a good improvement, I am giving a plan, and asking for following that plan, and I am also following results so I can be sure we had high quality time! Also, every single work is going to give you results. It just matters on time, to somebody faster, to somebody slower, basically, every single work pays out! Patient and good focus on chess are necesarry for success.

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